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Herbal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanaimo.

Reed Family Wellness offers a holistic approach to wellness for you and your family. Herbal therapy and dietary therapy are primary healing modalities used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to a healthy diet, TCM uses specially prepared herbal formulations or combinations of them to address the needs of the body as a whole. TCM is well recognized as a way of preventing illness and optimizing your health and vitality, and as well as a complement to Western medicine practices.

Herbal formulations have been used in TCM for centuries, and come from many different plant , animal, and mineral substances. Some herbal preparations are purchased as patented formulas from approved manufacturers, and others are prepared on site for your specific needs by a certified herbalist. These can be taken internally as teas, in pill form, syrups, and powders as well as applied externally as salves, compresses, or liniments. Mrs. Wong is very knowledgeable in her field and can answer any questions that you might have.

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TCM is between 2000-3000 years old. It is a very different approach to the diagnosis and treatment of illness compared with Western medicine.

How Chinese Medicine Works:

TCM is based on Taoism. In TCM, tissues and organs are thought to be connected through a network of vessels and Qi (Chi) carries information throughout that network.

An analysis of the system as a whole is performed and treatment is aimed at the readjustment of organ function.  Clinical diagnosis and treatment is based on Yin-Yang and Five-Element theories.  Typical treatment approaches include acupuncture, herbs and Qi-gong exercises.

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What to Expect on Your First Visit:

Your first visit is never rushed. This is where we need to spend time with you to make sure we understand exactly what your concerns are, the primary issues that are keeping you from being healthy, your expectations in your recovery, and your health goals in general.

You will be greeted by Debby, Alexis or Reta in the reception area and will be asked to fill out some short health forms.  After Mrs. Wong has had a chance to review these forms she will discuss with you any other pertinent information.

After all of the information has been obtained, Mrs. Wong will analyze your findings and present you with her best understanding of your specific ailment, the best method for restoring your health, alternative options, the cost and time commitment, and the expected outcome of our treatment.

There is ample time for questions and discussion before treatment begins.  It is our goal that every patient will be optimally informed regarding their health to ensure they make the most appropriate health care choices.

Willa Wang

Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Philosophy on Health: Life is a process of growth, development, maturation and aging. I believe that obeying nature's rules, maintaining a good mood [...]

Life is a process of growth, development, maturation and aging. I believe that obeying nature’s rules, maintaining a good mood, a balanced diet, and moderate exercise will make for a pleasant life.  

Willa Wang, R. TCM.P  

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