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Your body is meant to be an amazing machine, capable of running, swimming, jumping, riding a bike, playing a game of tennis or soccer, or whatever you like! Your body can climb a tree, chase after your kids, and maybe grand kids… in other words, your life is meant to be LIVED, not wasting, or waiting for a better time. So, IF you want to do something about it, NOW is the time!  If at first you can’t believe in yourself, let us believe in you – and let’s get to work!

Under the care of our lead trainer Miguel Diaz you will be listened to, understood, cared for, motivated, and encouraged like never before in order to reach your personal fitness and life goals.

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If you are looking for overall wellness there is no better place to be than at the Reed Family Wellness Centre!

Because We Know You’re Wondering…

Am I healthy enough to start exercising?

Maybe.  This is a very important question and one our trainers take very seriously.  Although everyone is able to start somewhere in their journey back to optimal physical fitness, when and how this happens must be determined. This is why we offer each patient a one-on-one interview with one of our doctors before any training begins. Although this might not be necessary for everyone, it is available and strongly recommended for anyone who is concerned.

Can I really change my body when I have been overweight my entire life?

YES!  Our bodies are absolutely miraculous in their ability to change and adapt.  You’ve witnessed this for years as your body has changed and adapted to the environment you’ve surrounded yourself with.  Change this environment and your body will just as successfully change and adapt – only this time to a more favourable outcome.

I don’t like to exercise in a group setting, are there any other options for me?

Absolutely.  We understand that there are benefits to all forms of exercise. Working one-on-one with one of our trainers in the privacy of our Wellspring studio offers you the freedom to safely explore new exercises and movement patterns. Exercising in a group setting allows for you to feed off of the momentum and energy of others while building friendships with interests that match your new, healthier lifestyle. Wherever you are in your journey, and whatever your need, we can help.

How much of a time investment do I have to make?

To see significant changes you need to make significant investments, both in time and finances.  There simply are no shortcuts to improved health. However, when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, slow and steady almost always wins the race.  When discussing your goals with your trainer or doctor, part of the discussion you have will focus on your current lifestyle, what changes you are willing to make, and how sustainable these changes will be in the long run.  We aren’t interested in short term unstained change, and we’re sure you aren’t either!

Is it safe for me to start this type of an exercise program?

Every patient is monitored through all stages of care at Reed Family Wellness Centre.  Intake assessments, progress assessments, and practitioner rounds all ensure the program you are on and the progressions you’re making are not only safe, but as effective as possible.

What kind of encouragement and motivation can I expect from your trainers?

You can expect support that is caring and compassionate with a sprinkle of intensity when you need it the most.

Personal Training Services Available

One-on-One Personal Training Classes:  Work with one of our personal trainers in the comfort and privacy of our Wellspring studio.  

Zumba Classes:  Zumba offers a total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility, and boosted energy. Plus you get a serious dose of awesome each time you leave the class.

Kids Fun and Fitness:  A workout for you and your little Padawan (6 to 15 years old). The family that works out together… kicks butt together!

Cardio Classes:  A high intensity, fat torching workout full of fast-paced moves and fun routines to get you sweating and get your heart rate up. You can easily go at your own pace which makes this class great for any skill level.

Strength Classes: Get ready to sweat, push, pull, lift and press to a new level of fitness.

The benefits of integrated physical fitness.

Why choose to do your physical fitness in an integrated wellness centre?  Well where do we start? Physical fitness is not an isolated component of your health.  It is completely intertwined with other health and wellness attributes. For example, if your spine is reducing nerve flow to your muscles you won’t see the results from strength training that you are expecting. If your pelvis is rotated, you risk injury during squats, lunges and the like. If you aren’t eating properly, your body won’t have the fuel it needs to repair and recover from your workout.  If you’re under chronic high stress, your cortisol levels will be elevated which reduces the affect of your physical activity.

When you are a member of the Reed Family Wellness Centre we take everything into consideration.  Your trainer is informed on the rest of your health and modifies your workout to be appropriate for you.  Your trainer also informs the rest of the health care team, pointing out areas of weakness, instabilities, and functional deficits.  

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