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The sleeping patterns of a young child can affect the entire family. Riannon Setterfield works with parents and children to recognize sleep problems, and establish healthy sleep habits with fewer sleep disruptions. Sleep training for babies and young children can make a world of difference to infants, siblings, and parents. If you and your baby or toddler are having trouble establishing healthy sleep patterns, let Riannon introduce you to some gentle sleep coaching methods that will change the way you feel about bedtime. I have training and expertise in the following areas: 

  • Attachment Parenting/No-Cry Techniques 
  • Healthy sleep habits for newborns 
  • Creating age appropriate sleep schedules 
  • Separation anxiety 
  • Proper swaddling 
  • Sleep products 
  • White noise 
  • Dream feeding 
  • Cluster feeding 
  • Nutrition for sleep 
  • Hunger vs. Comfort 
  • Frequent night waking’s 
  • Early morning waking’s 
  • Short/No naps 
  • Co-sleeping 
  • Sleep disruptions caused by age milestones (teething, growth spurt, nap changes, etc..)
  • Sleep disruptions caused by travel, holidays and time changes 
  • Transitioning (crib or a bed, etc…) 
  • Weaning off sleep props (swings, rocking, walking, pacifiers, etc…) 
  • Toddlers who won’t stay in their own crib/bed 

Postpartum Doula 

Welcoming a new baby to your family is such a special time. After months of planning, getting the nursery ready, and maybe even preparing a sibling-to-be, bringing your new baby home is finally a reality. It’s a time to get to know each other, to settle into new routines, and to nurture the bonds that will have life long benefits. Postpartum doula support can help you to make the very most of this unique experience. 

As a postpartum doula Riannon offers the highest level of care and knowledge to help ease you into your new role. Whether you are an experienced parent or new parent, Riannon offers a wide range of support to fit your family’s needs and dynamics:

  • Assists hands-on with newborn care. Such as feeding, bathing and sleeping 
  • Helps discover your newborn’s signals 
  • Assists with older siblings while adjusting to life with your newborn 
  • Answers or provides resources to any questions or concerns 
  • Meal prep and ensures everyone is getting the proper nutrition they need 
  • Helps you to attain the skills and knowledge for your new routine 
  • Run errands such as groceries etc. 
  • Sleep support for everyone in the household 
  • Feeding support.
  • Breastfeeding support and supplementation support. 
  • Sets you up for a successful role 
  • Improves perinatal comfort and reduce the risk of postpartum mood disorders 

“Riannon completely changed our lives. Our daughter hit a really horrible 4 month sleep regression all of a sudden our great little sleeper did not sleep at all! We were awake every 45 minutes and I had no idea how we would ever survive. I felt like a zombie, I was too tired to drive, cook, or function in anyway. We contacted Riannon and within 1 day we started sleep training. She was so supportive and kind and made the whole process a breeze. Within three days our daughter was sleeping through the night (12 hours)! And we have never looked back. Working with Riannon drastically changed the quality of our life. Highly highly recommend!!”

Because We Know You’re Wondering…

When is the perfect time for sleep training?

This is a common question. Riannon feels that having a conversation with a sleep training specialist will help parents to personalize a sleep schedule for their baby at exactly the right time: every child differs!

So many circumstances can factor in on time spent training, on how long the training will take, and even how smoothly it goes. Some factors could be age, milestones, health, environment, time of year, lifestyle and more. 

Riannon typically recommends starting the training process when the child is healthy, you have no travel plans and when you are really ready to commit to the process. As far as age goes, different techniques and methods are used for different ages. Therefore age is not a huge factor however leaving it later when they are older can result in more protest and a longer process.

Will my baby sleep through the night, every night?

This is a common goal for a lot of parents. Sleep Consultants cannot guarantee that the child is going to sleep through the night every night. As wonderful as that would be, no one has ever slept through the night, every night.
Riannon’s goal with clients is to eliminate unnecessary waking, as well as to help guide them to help teach little ones to fall asleep independently and to be able to self-soothe.

What does a sleep training package include?

Typically a package will include a consultation, a fully customized sleep plan based on your detailed intake form, email support as well as a number of follow up calls.
Riannon takes a unique approach: she will offer a couple of phone calls prior to the consultation. In this way she is able to answer any questions and address any concerns before the starting night. The client is also offered unlimited text message support. If a client is struggling at bedtime, Riannon is able to guide them during that moment, not in an email the next day going over what they should have done.
Riannon also wants your little one to succeed as much as you do which is why she likes to keep in contact at each sleep time during the day, whether it’s nap or bedtime.

Why should I hire a sleep consultant and not just read the books?

The books do work for some families and that is wonderful. However,  no two children are the same. Therefore Riannon customizes the sleep plan, and that is something no book can do!

Some of the considerations that are very important are: your child’s temperament, your lifestyle and schedules, your beliefs and values as well with previous methods and techniques that may have or not worked for you. Some babies will cry for a few minutes and some babies will cry for hours if allowed.

The difference in hiring a sleep consultant is that Riannon can go over exactly what you’re comfortable with and take that into account while making the sleep plan. Not every technique works for every child so Riannon will help you to adapt the sleep plan.  Her ongoing support is the major, and perhaps most important difference!

Will there be tears?

As a mom and child sleep consultant, Riannon is not an advocate for the “cry it out” method. She believes that you should always comfort an upset child, whether it’s some comforting words or a comforting touch. That said, during sleep training there are almost always some tears involved. Along the way, you will learn to differentiate whether they are tears of sadness or tears of protest! If your child is sleep trained this skill will help you in the future knowing that your child indeed needs you during night waking.

Dr. Corin Tomlinson

Naturopathic Doctor

What to Expect on Your First Visit:

Your first visit is never rushed. This is where we need to spend time with you to make sure we understand exactly what your concerns are, the primary issues that are keeping you from being healthy, your expectations in your recovery, and your health goals in general.

You will be greeted by Teddianne or Angela in the reception area and will be asked to fill out some short health forms.  After Riannon has had a chance to review these forms she will discuss with you any other pertinent information.

After all of the information has been obtained, Riannon will present you with your plan.

There is ample time for questions and discussion before your doula care begins.  It is our goal that every patient will be optimally informed regarding their health to ensure they make the most appropriate health care choices.

Dr. Reed - Family Chiropractor in Nanaimo BCWhat Makes Us Special?

As a mom to two girls who had sleep challenges, Riannon experienced the benefits of sleep training first hand. She wanted to learn more about sleep training, and to find out if there was a way she could share the benefits of sleep training methods with other families. Learning more about the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation, and understanding more fully how it can affect a person’s development, mental, and physical state has fueled her passion for helping others by teaching them more about the many aspects of sleep training. 

It is truly a privilege to work with families as they teach their little ones to sleep and it has brought so much fulfillment to Riannon’s life. More than just good advice, hiring a certified sleep consultant is the best way to learn about the different aspects of sleep, age-appropriate methods and techniques. More important is having support from your consultant when set backs or regressions happen, and celebrating victories.

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