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You can book your appointment with Willa Wang TCM at the Reed Family Wellness Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 1-6pm.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  is a holistic approach to health and wellness that treats the body, mind, and spirit as a single entity.  TCM is simple, safe, and has durable benefits.  The practice is derived from fundamental beliefs that have been held within the Chinese culture for centuries, which emphasize that as humans we are not separate from the Universe itself. Believing in the innate union and integration of all things is a founding concept of TCM, and the reason that the goals of balance and harmony are vitally important. TCM has great value as a preventative approach to health, as it helps patients to improve their lifestyle and prevent diseases. TCM healing modalities also deliver effective means of treatment for a wide range of conditions, including pain management, digestive problems, women’s issues, skin diseases , urinary diseases and autoimmune disorders.

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Philosophy on Health: Life is a process of growth, development, maturation and aging. I believe that obeying nature's rules, maintaining a good mood [...]

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is just one of many healing modalities a TCM practitioner will use to restore balance and harmony to the body. All Chinese medicine practice is based on the flow of Qi energy within the body. Optimally this energy travels in currents along specific meridians within the body, aided by proper nutrition to bring health and harmony.

Based on TCM training, an acupuncturist believes each meridian affects particular organs and functions within the body and has its own pulse. The meridians also correspond to particular elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Blockages to this Qi current within the body create disharmony which is characterized by physical symptoms. These blockages can be due to the consequences of injury, illness, stress, diet, and lifestyle. In TCM practice, a diagnosis or course of treatment may refer to particular meridians, one of the 5 elements, or one of the body’s related organs. The terminology may be different from western medicine, however the extensive knowledge of these concepts has been passed down through centuries in a comprehensive way that supports both understanding and practice within the context of the Chinese culture. Many patients are surprised to learn how many of their symptoms relate to the functions of a particular meridian or element.

An acupuncturist is affecting the flow of Qi energy at various points along a particular meridian. Each acupuncture needle comes in its own sterile packaging and is used only once. The needles are very small and fine (in fact most patients report minimal sensations as they are inserted at the particular acupuncture points). While the patient is relaxing, the needles may be left in for 10-20 minutes, and very gently tapped periodically to further stimulate the site. Acupressure is similar, but uses pressure of the fingers instead of needles to get the desired results.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

The first time visit is typically one hour in length and includes a consultation to develop an individualized plan and treatment. Allow plenty of time for your appointment and parking so that you’re not distracted or feeling unnecessary stress. The TCM practitioner will begin by asking you questions about your health, your symptoms, your emotions, and your lifestyle to make sure we understand exactly what your concerns are, the primary issues that are keeping you from being healthy, your expectations in your recovery, and your health goals in general. As all of these aspects provide insights into your unique state of balance, it is an important step. A brief examination will follow allowing the practitioner to take your pulses, and examine your tongue. After all of the information has been obtained, Mrs. Wong will analyze your findings and present you with her best understanding of your specific ailment, the best method for restoring your health, alternative options, the cost and time commitment, and the expected outcome of treatment. Besides acupuncture, the plan may include nutritional counselling, herbal consultations, cupping and Moxibustion.  Herbs and supplements are also available at an additional cost.<

Who Can Benefit from TCM?

Anyone can benefit from improving the balance and harmony of their own body, including children. TCM is of great benefit to those experiencing any kind of pain including chronic back, shoulder pain, or head pain as well as ailments relating to:

Lowered Energy – Insomnia | Depression and Competition Stress Syndrome | Chronic Fatigue

Digestive Disorders – Stomach ache | Abdominal pain | Nausea and vomiting | Constipation and Diarrhea | Acute and chronic gastroenteritis | Cholecystitis and Gallbladder stone | Pancreatitis | Irritable colon syndrome | Chronic ulcerative colitis |Crohn’s disease

Gynecological and Obstetric and Paediatric Disorders | Menstrual irregularities | Dysmenorrheal | Premenstrual syndrome | Amenorrhea |Metrorrhagia and Metrostaxia |Perimenopausal syndrome | Leukorrheal disease | Infertility | Morning sickness | Malposition of fetus | Induction of labor | Lochiorrhea | Agalactia |Prolapse of uterus |Pruritus vulvae |Infantile enuresis | Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Skin conditions and Urology – Acne |Eczema | Herpes zoster (Shingles) | Urticaria (hives) | Dermatitis | Rosacea | Psoriasis | Chloasma |Incontinence of urine |
Urinary retention |Urinary Tract Infection | Bladder Infection | Prostate Infection |Urinary Stone

Autoimmune Disease – Rheumatoid arthritis | Thyroid Disorders |Lupus | Psoriasis | Sjögren’s syndrome

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Payment and Benefit Insurance Coverage

Acupuncture is very widely accepted and most extended medical plans do cover acupuncture. However, because every policy is different, we recommend you check with your insurer to confirm your exact coverage. Most insurance plans do not require a doctor’s referral for acupuncture; however some do so contact your provider.

MSP covers a portion of acupuncture treatments for those enrolled in the premium assistance program. This means that you are not paying full premiums for BC Medical; eligibility is based on income. If you are on the premium assistance program, MSP will cover a portion of the treatment, up to 10 treatments per calendar year. If you are not on this program but feel you should be, please contact MSP for application information.
ICBC may allow acupuncture as part of your treatment program; if you would like to receive acupuncture, please discuss with your claims adjuster to find out more.
WSIB (WCB) may allow acupuncture as part of your treatment program; if you would like to receive acupuncture, please discuss with your claims adjuster to find out more.
DVA: Department of Veteran’s Affairs covers acupuncture for certain conditions. If you would like to receive acupuncture, we will require a doctor’s referral for treatment, your K number, and some additional information from you. Please call our office for more information.

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Life is a process of growth, development, maturation and aging. I believe that obeying nature’s rules, maintaining a good mood, a balanced diet, and moderate exercise will make for a pleasant life.  

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