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A Healthy Start For Baby.

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Birth Trauma.

Getting back on the right path.

Children deserve to enter the world as healthy as possible. Our team supports a natural birth whenever possible. With increases in C-section rates and medical interventions during birth, such as vacuum extractions, forceps, episiotomies etc., we are here to care for the effects that these traumas may have had on mom and baby. Our focus as chiropractors is to detect signs of both macro- and micro-traumas and the often negative effects on a child’s developing nervous system. We use gentle and effective techniques to remove nervous system interference in baby to restore their body’s natural ability to heal, self-regulate and adapt. Babies and children are not tiny adults and our care providers have gone through extensive training in paediatrics to ensure the best possible results for your children.

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Well Children.

Creating a solid foundation.

We believe that children should have the best start in life possible! Many of the problems we experience in adulthood stem from issues that began in childhood. Our special focus in paediatrics and extra years of training, allow us to work with children of all ages. It is not normal for children to experience any type of pain and discomfort; these are often signs that their body is trying to correct a problem. Children do not have to have a “condition” or even a complaint to benefit from care at Reed Family Wellness. It is also important to ensure that proper development and neurological bench marks are being met. Think of it in the same way we go to the dentist on a regular basis for a checkup, whether we have a toothache or not. Our team works diligently to educate and empower parents and children to give them the best possible start to living long, abundant, and healthy lives. 

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