Integrated Approach

Your Personal Health Team.

What is “Integrated Care”?

Helping you feel your best.

An integrated, team-based approach to health care can have many faces, each offering patients different paths in their goal to achieving optimal health & wellness. From the most basic level (practitioners sharing office space) to the highest level (multiple practitioners working together to create, implement, and monitor your unique treatment plan) integration offers you a more comprehensive approach to your health. And at the Reed Family Wellness Centre we offer our patients ALL levels of integrated care! Our practitioners feel strongly that it is our responsibility to inform you of the choices you have, the pros and cons that come along with each, as well as our recommendations, but we always respect that your health is your responsibility, and your choice is always the best choice!

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Integrated care is for every member of the family.

From babies to baby boomers.

Whether you come to us because of an existing health issue or because you want to increase your wellness and vitality, we look forward to working with you on your journey to optimal health and happiness. Our Integrated Care Model can apply to:

  • A quick fix to get you back to work or sport
  • Restorative care to completely correct your current health concern
  • A fully integrated and customized wellness care program to restore you to optimal health and vitality

Therapies we have in our centre include Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Registered Counselling, Yoga, Personal Training, and Doula services.  All are available individually or can be integrated with a custom team of professionals working for you and your family.

How it works.

Streamlined Process.

When you call our reception be sure to indicate to us that you are looking for one of our integrated care streams (Please see list below for our always growing list of available integrated care streams).

Our reception (Debby, Dymetha or Rhonda) will then help to find a suitable time to schedule your Initial Assessment with the lead practitioner of the stream you have indicated.

When you arrive for your Initial Assessment Debby, Dymetha or Rhonda will assist you in completing some health forms to give the lead practitioner some background information. After reviewing this information the practitioner will take a detailed health history and examination of your specific concerns as well as your overall health. This assessment will collect the necessary information that each practitioner involved with your integrated care will require.

Between the time of this intake assessment and your Report of Findings (your second visit) all required practitioners will review and discuss your specific concerns. They will then create a report for you that outlines three options for you to choose. A Fully Integrated Plan, A Combined Treatment Approach, and the Best Single Practitioner Plan.

At your second visit (Report of Findings) these three options will be presented and you will have plenty of time to discuss with the Lead Practitioner the benefits of each option, the time that is involved with each, as well as the financial investments you can expect. We will be happy to give you our top recommendation after this discussion however the final choice is always yours.

Now we get to work. You’re appointment calendar will be created outlining when you will be seeing each practitioner. Progress reviews will be set to ensure you are improving along the way, and you will be off for your first treatment to start your journey back to optimal health wellness!

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Have you checked out our Online Knowledge Centre?

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Over the years our team has compiled a variety of resources and information that we make readily available for you to peruse and dig into so you can self educate on the subjects that are of interest to you. We add to this area weekly so be sure to check back routinely.

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