Pregnancy Care.

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Healthy Pregnancy.

A healthy start and support for mom and baby.

Your pregnancy will be one of the most important times in both you and your baby’s life.  Not only is it a time of immense joy and excitement for mom and dad as they plan for their new roles as parents, but also an instrumental time for your new baby.  During pregnancy your baby will be developing key physiological functions, vital neural connections, and many other developmental processes to ensure a full, vibrant, and healthy life ahead.   

This vital time is perhaps one of the most important stages for wellness care strategies.  Strategies that help maintain the natural process, do not add or detract from it, but build on the philosophy and understanding that the inborn natural process that each mom, baby, (and yes fathers too) possess, does not need to be improved upon but rather optimized, maintained, and nourished.

Visiting Reed Family Wellness Centre during your pregnancy is a key step to ensuring this natural process is encouraged.  Each practitioner in our centre has a clinical focus on women’s health, pregnancy, and pediatrics.  We have specific diagnostic tools for pregnancy, specialized pregnancy rooms and treatment equipment to accommodate pregnant women (and small children that may be accompanying you), and even pregnancy specific treatment approaches and techniques.  In fact, our entire Centre has been created with one goal in mind…  to support mom, dad and baby through this miraculous time in a healthy, loving, and nourishing environment.

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Birth Support.

We're here to support.

Having the right support person can help make the birth a better experience. Research indicates women who receive close support and care are also more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience. At Reed Family Wellness we are happy to offer a number of birth support options.

Our Chiropractors:  There are many established benefits of chiropractic care aimed at restoring and maintaining pelvic balance, along with optimal neuromusculoskeletal function during pregnancy.  

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy, and;
  • Relieving back, neck, or joint pain.

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